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Bill Schlunz has been in the credit card processing industry since March, 1995. He is directly responsible for providing more than 3,000 merchants with the ability to accept their customers' credit cards. Expertise includes:

-  Retail Processing (face-to-face)
-  Affiliate/Referral Partnerships
-  eCommerce

Contact Bill at 630-736-7327 OR Bill@NeedToTakeVisa.com

Information about BluePay Processing, LLC is here: www.BluePay.com

Representing BluePay, Inc. in Naperville, IL

Offices: Naperville, IL and Wood Dale, IL

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar merchant, a "catalog" business, or a merchant that conducts business in the cyber-world, DB Financial can help you. We do not believe in making large profits on each account. Rather, we believe in excellent & competitive pricing and very good service. We want to keep your relationship for life!

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