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The FastApp® is a unique merchant enrollment and back-end payment solution for Internet electronic commerce. Lightening fast activation with the FastApp® is made possible by integrating multiple payment processors and financial institutions under a single real-time application. Utilizing aggressive pricing and adaptive risk management systems, the FastApp® can achieve 99% approval rating.

Imagine processing credit cards "live" later today! You can with us. Just complete the FastApp®, then open your email and follow the quick steps.

Only a one-time $99 Application Fee
     (paid only after final approval)
Low 2.37% Discount Rate
$0.30 per authorization
$10 monthly service fee
-Ø- gateway set-up fee
$19.95 monthly gateway fee

These rates take the 2009 Visa/MC Int'l rate increase into affect (October 1st). Even with some of the largest jumps in recent Visa/MC history for interchange cost, we are proud to say that we're keeping our very competitive 2.37% rate.

Apply for an Online merchant account NOW! Get Instant Approval!! Simply click the button below:

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For details, please call 630-736-REAP or email: Sales@NeedToTakeVisa.com

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