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Earn a lifetime residual income when sending merchants to DB Financial. Sign up as an affiliate or reseller now!

Resellers, Affiliates and Rep Inquiries, please contact Bill.

DB Financial has formed and is actively pursuing Strategic Alliances with the following:
- Web Developers
- ISP’s
- ASP’s
- Portals
- Software Developers

Many of the Alliances provide for revenue sharing of the transaction processing back to the Alliance Partner. Combined with our reputation for dependable and efficient operations, we deliver an unbeatable package of benefits to our Partners and their customers.

Our FastApp™ system is hosted in a multi-server environment which can scale up to any on-demand access needs of any affiliate host. Our Tier 1 connection to the Internet backbone translates to instant response for online merchant applications. The FastApp™ also features a dynamic co-branding option which can display an affiliate logo. Many merchants become their own customer as one of our affiliates!

Our operation is a full-service, sales and back-office processing engine. Our team of experts is widely regarded within the industry as the leader in marketing, technical and operational quality.

Alliance Partner Sign-UpTo instantly become an Affiliate, just click on the picture to the left.

Earn a flat percentage of our Profits!

Contact Bill Schlunz for details.

If you are interested in any of our programs, please call (630) 736-REAP (7327) or email us at Affiliate@AcceptCredit.US

You may also contact Bill at:  Bill@NeedToTakeVisa.com

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