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Catalog companies, or Mail/Telephone Order merchants, do not usually see their customers, and therefore cannot swipe credit cards.

We provide very competitive rates for the M/TO environment, including software that can be loaded onto the merchants computers for hand-keyed credit card transation processing.

Samples of processing software sold:
     Go Software's PC Charge Pro and Express

Other processing methods for M/TO merchants:
     "swipe" terminal, with transactions being "keyed" in
     Virtual Terminal processing is also an option, over internet.

All of the latest security features, are implemented for you with DB Financial. These fraud-protection options will provide the merchant with the lowest possible costs while providing a secure environment for you and your customers. These security features include: CVV, AVS, CV2, etc.

Pricing for Internet Processing: click here

For details, please call 630-736-7327 or email: Sales@NeedToTakeVisa.com

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