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Merchants that are typically face-to-face with their customers, 'swiping' credit cards, are considered "Retail" merchants. Visa/MasterCard Int'l provides 'retail' transactions with the best possible rate. When a credit card is sucessfully swiped through an electronic terminal, the merchant typically pays the "Qualified Rate".

DB Financial carries a full line of all of the latest equipment, as well as the work-horse-type of "swipe" machinery. Happy with your current equipment? Often we can simply reprogram it. Our service is compatible with at least 95% of the terminals on the market.

A sampling of our compatible equipment:

Hypercom "swipe" Terminals, Printers & Pinpads
Verifone Electronic Terminals, Printers & Pinpads
Lipman Electronic Terminals, Printers & Pinpads
Wireless Terminal/Printer Units
POS systems -- such as:

For details, please call 630-736-7327 or email: Sales@NeedToTakeVisa.com

Pricing varies based on processing history, including Visa/MC volume, average ticket, and credit/chargeback experience. For merchants new to processing Visa/MC, estimates are used.
Please call 630-736-7327 or email: Sales@NeedToTakeVisa.com for a quote.

DB Financial offers Swipe-Over-IP processing. or internet processing. Instead of the standard 15-40 seconds terminals will often take, Swipe-Over-IP cuts the approval turnaround to less than 1 second! Imagine how much quicker your customers will be able to move through line! Imagine how many more customers you will get!

     Gift and Loyalty Program:

Please call for details and a quote:  Bill Schlunz (630) 736-REAP Bill@NeedToTakeVisa.com

Catalog companies, or Mail/Telephone Order (M/TO) merchants, do not usually see their customers, and therefore cannot swipe credit cards. Please click on Mail Order Merchants for more infomation.

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